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Anything but the thing which makes the spot, Tsubame-shi in general, Yahiko, Maki and Niigata-shi Nishi-ku where I'll give a customer a lift (Sakaiwa area) a departure and arrival place isn't going to be able to move around an open area for our taxi.

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An hour, small and Medium taxi is 6,900yen.
Jumbo taxi is 9,500yen for up to 9 people

Travel around Niigata to discover new attractions

We will show you beloved tourist attractions in areas including Maki in Niigata Prefecture.

Maki Taxi offers tourist taxi services. Our taxis will take you around various tourist attractions in Niigata Prefecture.
Our drivers will also serve as a tour guide and a photographer and prepare a plan in a wholehearted manner. Enjoy comfortable sightseeing in small groups. We always try our best to offer services that make Niigata known to customers and make them want to "come to Niigata again."

Introduction to tourist attractions

Maki Taxi always tries its best to make customers want to "come to Niigata again" by letting them know about as many attractions of Niigata as possible.

Tourist attractions frequently visited as a part of our sightseeing tour are shown below. There are many appealing attractions.

We look forward to serving you.

Tourist attractions

Yahiko Shrine

Yahiko Shrine, surrounded by thick cedar trees, is the best-known shrine in Echigo. It has attracted many followers from both inside and outside of the prefecture.

Fish Market

Fresh fish and shellfish from the coastal waters are sold here. Products purchased here can be delivered to your home by refrigerated courier service. You can also eat and enjoy delicious seafood on the spot.

Echigo Nanaura
Seaside Line

It is a 14-kilometer-long coastal driving route where you can see seasonal views of the Sea of Japan and enjoy the impressively beautiful sunsets.

Niigata Wine Coast

There are five unique wineries, including Fermier, Domaine Chaud, Cantina Zio Setto (Seto Winery) and Le CINQ Winery, and visitors can enjoy five different types of wines.

A professional driver will drive your precious car safely on your behalf.

(a place to drop in)

Yahiko Sacred Site

Yahiko Shrine is one of the famous sacred sites in Japan and has become familiar to many people as "Oyahiko-sama."
After relaxing and healing your body in Iwamuro Onsen (hot spring) and restoring your mental energy by visiting Yahiko Shrine, try your enhanced luck in gambling at Yahiko Keirin.

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Introduction to model sightseeing courses

  • Fully enjoy Yahiko

    If you want to fully enjoy Yahiko, this is the course for you!

    First, you will enjoy the scenery from the Yahikoyama Skyline and then visit Yahiko Shrine. It is a course where you can fully enjoy Yahiko from the start to the end. It is popular owing to the fact that it takes only short time to complete the course.

    15,200 yen
    Jumbo taxi
    20,800 yen
    2 hours


    1. Hotel
    2. Yahikoyama Skyline
    3. Yahiko Shrine
    4. Tsubamesanjo Station

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  • Fully enjoy fresh fish and shellfish at Teradomari.

    Enjoy fresh fish and shellfish!

    After enjoying Yahiko and Teradomari, purchase souvenirs at the Teradomari Fish Market. Delicious fresh fish are suitable for souvenirs, and they are delivered by refrigerated courier service! You can even eat such delicious fresh fish on the spot! Eat Kaisen don (a rice bowl topped with fresh seafood) and crab until you are full at the buffet restaurant.

    22,800 yen
    Jumbo taxi
    31,200 yen
    3 hours


    1. Hotel
    2. Yahikoyama Skyline
    3. Saisyoji Temple
    4. Teradomari Fish Market
    5. Kokujyoji Temple
    6. Tsubamesanjo Station

    Fare Simulation

  • Enjoy a drive along the sea while taking in sky views and drinking sake

    You can enjoy delicious sake while feeling the sea breeze.

    Enjoy a drive along the Yahikoyama Skyline and Echigo Nanaura Seaside Line! After that, enjoy drinking wine at Cave d'Occi Winery. You can also taste Japanese sake. As the tour is accompanied by a dedicated driver, all participants can enjoy alcoholic beverages.

    30,400 yen
    Jumbo taxi
    41,600 yen
    4 hours


    1. Hotel
    2. Yahikoyama Skyline
    3. Echigo Nanaura Seaside Line
    4. Cave d'Occi Winery
    5. Takarayama CO., LTD.
    6. (Tsubame Western tableware)
    7. Tsubamesanjo Station

    Fare Simulation

  • A plan to fully enjoy the Chuetsu region.

    You can fully enjoy the Chuetsu region in Niigata Prefecture.

    Visit tourist attractions in the Chuetsu region. Participants visit various places starting from Yahiko and then Teradomari and Izumozaki and finally arrive at the final destination, Nagaoka Station. With this course, you can fully enjoy the coastlines of the Chuetsu region in Niigata Prefecture. This 5-hour course will provide exceptional satisfaction.

    38,000 yen
    Jumbo taxi
    52,000 yen
    5 hours


    1. Hotel
    2. Yahiko Shrine
    3. Yahikoyama Skyline
    4. Kokujouji Temple
    5. (Gogoan)
    6. Teradomari Fish Market
    7. Izumozaki Ryokando
    8. Ryokan Memorial Museum
    9. Kimura Family Home
    10. Ryusenji Temple
    11. Nagaoka Station

    Fare Simulation

The above courses are only model courses and we can flexibly plan a course that can meet the individual needs of customers. Please contact us if you are thinking of going on a trip.


Taxi fares

Times Small & Medium taxi Jumbo taxi
1 7,600 10,400
2 15,200 20,800
2.5 19,000 26,000
3 22,800 31,200
3.5 26,600 36,400
4 30,400 41,600
4.5 34,200 46,800
5 38,000 52,000

Fare Unit:yen


Small taxi
4 people
Medium taxi
5 people
Jumbo taxi
9 people

Welfare taxi

wheelchair and others 1 people

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